Hi, I'm Kirsch Mackey

For 10 years I struggled to learn Allegro and PSpice as a university undergraduate EE student. Then in 2014 I became a graduate teaching assistant who suddenly needed to teach undergraduate students how to use Allegro and PSpice to finish their PCB projects and to get their EE degrees.

Eventually I had to pick a research topic for my master's degree, so I learned to design switched-mode power supplies from scratch using the Allegro and PSpice software.

But learning Allegro/OrCAD from different (and OLD) website and books and trial and error was very challenging and took wayyy too long. So now as a professional electrical systems engineer, I want to show others how they can use this software to finish their projects in record time and with the greatest of ease.
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Who these courses are for

Anyone who wants to understand the PCB design process and how to find and do those steps using the industry's leading professional PCB design software

  • Engineers wishing to refresh their skills in the latest generation OrCAD Capture and Allegro PCB Editor software to get a job and practically perform in it

  • Engineering students seeking to develop their skills to get hired in a job that demands experience with Allegro / OrCAD - the industry's leading PCB design software

  • Midnight engineers needing a new skill to support their engineering consulting/product development for their side-business

The 10 steps you need to know to design a full PCB using OrCAD

Download the blueprint for OrCAD PCB Design

There is a major gap in OrCAD talent and the industry is taking notice

Gain a substantial income just by combining your PCB design skills with the industry's leading EDA software

What you'll learn

By taking our courses, you'll understand

  • OrCAD Capture

    Learn schematic capture, the first phase of planning a PCB design

  • OrCAD PSpice

    Know how to simulate analog circuits from start to finish

  • Allegro PCB Editor

    Design and route a two-layer or four-layer physical PCB for your product

  • DFM Assembly and Gerber / ODB++

    Generate the files to manufacture a printed circuit board with ease

  • Padstack Editor

    Create padstacks and footprints with speed and accuracy

  • Bill of Materials

    How to use OrCAD Capture and Digi-Key to create a bill of materials

Make learning Cadence OrCAD and Allegro a million times easier

Struggling with how to perform the PCB design flow using Cadence Allegro / OrCAD v17.2? With these courses, whether you are an engineer or student, you will gain the skills you need in OrCAD Capture and Allegro PCB Editor to get going at your job.
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What real people said about these OrCAD, Allegro and PSpice courses

by Benjamin Zuñiga - Power Electronics Engineer

I have taken up using OrCAD again!

by Benjamin Zuñiga - Power Electronics Engineer

"Hi Mackey, really your videos are very useful. I re-learned how to use the PCB editor. I was a user of OrCAD Layout, but when OrCad Layout had ended, I was so sad and became a user of Altium. But now with your tutorials, I have taken up using OrCAD again!"
by Steve Provencher - Systems Engineer


by Steve Provencher - Systems Engineer

"Merci !! Très apprécier votre cours 🙂"
R.C. Vivek Vardhan - I.O.T. Senior QA Engineer

All the tutorials were very helpful

R.C. Vivek Vardhan - I.O.T. Senior QA Engineer

"All the tutorials were very helpful. Thank you very much for taking the effort to make such good videos and uploading them."

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OrCAD and Allegro are the industry standard in PCB design software. Once you know Allegro and OrCAD you'll be miles ahead of your competition.

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