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Do you want to learn the PCB design flow in OrCAD/Allegro with minimal training so that you can be more productive on the job? This course is exactly what you need to make the transition to design using Cadence software.
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What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you'll understand:

  • Schematic capture

    Learn the features of OrCAD Capture (or Allegro Design Entry HDL) to create a circuit drawing for simulation and for manufacturing

  • Circuit simulation

    Know how to verify circuit behavior using PSpice, the functional powerhouse embedded in OrCAD Capture

  • Footprint & PCB creation

    Learn how to create pad stacks, footprints from scratch and build a PCB design

Course curriculum

  • 3

    Overview of OrCAD Capture CIS Lite

    • Lecture 8 - Projects and Design Hierarchy
    • Lecture 9 - Capture CIS Part Libraries
    • Lecture 10 - Capture CIS Placing Parts
    • Lecture 11 - Capture CIS Lite Wiring
    • Lecture 12 - Capture CIS Lite Customization and Preferences
    • Lecture 13 - Capture CIS Lite Annotations, Text and Smart PDF
  • 4

    Overview of Padstack Editor

    • What is a through-pin Padstack?
    • Getting started with Pad Stack Editor
    • Create an industry compliant through-hole pad stack for a resistor
    • Creating a surface mount pad using Pad Stack Editor (example)
  • 5

    Overview of PCB Editor Lite

    • Lecture 16 - PCB Editor Lite Environment Setup and Grids
    • Lecture 17 - PCB Editor Lite Add Lines, Shapes and Text
    • Lecture 18 - PCB Editor Lite Constraints Manager and Vias
    • How to make a surface mount footprint from complete scratch in PCB Editor
    • Make your footprints in half the time using Package Symbol wizard
  • 6

    Project #2 Part 1: The Astable Multivibrator 1.0 Schematic

  • 7

    Project #2 Part 2: Astable Multivibrator Footprints

    • Footprints and Padstacks Information
    • Lecture 26 - AMV1.0 Batch Padstack Creation
    • Lecture 27 - AMV1.0 Through-Hole Capacitor Footprint
    • Lecture 28 - AMV1.0 Footprint for Test Points TP1, TP2
    • Lecture 29 - AMV1.0 Footprint for J1
    • Lecture 30 - AMV1.0 Footprint for Connecters J2, J3
    • Lecture 31 - AMV1.0 Footprint for LED D1, D2
    • Lecture 32 - AMV1.0 Footprint for Transistor Q2
    • Lecture 33 - AMV1.0 Modifying LED Footprint
    • Lecture 34 - AMV1.0 Footprint for Resistors R1, R4
    • Lecture 35 - AMV1.0 Footprint for Surface Mount Transistor Q1
    • Lecture 36 - AMV1.0 Footprint for Surface Mount Resistors R2, R3
    • Lecture 37 - Footprint for Surfance Mount Capacitor C1
  • 8

    Project #2 Part 3 - Astable Multivibrator 1.0 PCB

  • 9

    Project #3 - Astable Multivibrator Version 2

    • Lecture 49 - Intro to AMV 2.0 FREE PREVIEW
    • Lecture 50 - AMV2.0 Schematic
    • Lecture 51 - AMV2.0 Simulation
    • Lecture 52 - AMV2.0 Design for Manufacture
    • How to install PCB Library Expert Pro Lite
    • Lecture 53 - AMV2.0 First Footprint (IC chip)
    • Lecture 54 - AMV2.0 Creating All Footprints
    • Lecture 55 - AMV2.0 Setting Paths, Creating Netlist and Fixing Footprint Errors
    • Lecture 56 - AMV2.0 Placing Components
    • Lecture 57 - AMV2.0 Constraints and Routing the PCB FREE PREVIEW
    • Lecture 58 - AMV2.0 Generating Silkscreen
    • Lecture 59 - AMV2.0 Generating Gerber Files
    • Lecture 60 - AMV2.0 3D Model _ STEP Files
  • 10

    Project #3 Wrap-Up and End of Course

    • Lecture 61 - AMV2.0 Gerber _ Drill File Submission
    • Lecture 62 - AMV2.0 Bill of Materials (BOM) Documentation and End of Course

A professional will walk you through every step

This course was put together by an experienced Allegro and OrCAD user. He will be on hand to guide you through the course and is available for office hour discussions, and via email/message for the duration of the course

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by Sachendra Kumar

Helped me get a job in PCB design!

by Sachendra Kumar

I am so happy I took this course. I learned everything from the basic level. I love this PCB design Course. It helped me in getting a job in the field of PCB design. My branch is Electrical and Electronics (U.G.) and I live in India.
by Parian Golchin

I highly recommend this course

by Parian Golchin

I highly recommend this course. The instructor explains everything with details and it is a practical course. He is very responsive. I have had so many questions for various parts but every time he responded fast and completely. Thank you very much Kirsch Mackey for such an interesting course.
Quoc Tuan Duong


Quoc Tuan Duong

I took a OrCAD PSpice course back in college. I never thought i would need it to reenter the job market! Great stuff, it brings me back. With the arrival of dirt cheap Microprocessor like the Arduino, it is a good time to reenter the job market as an electronics engineer or start my own company!

Meet your OrCAD and Allegro software expert

Kirsch Mackey


Kirsch Mackey

Kirsch is an electrical systems engineer and is a technical trainer certified in OrCAD Capture, PCB Editor and PSpice. He is also a Ph.D. student in electrical and electronics engineering specializing in control system design for power electronics and power systems. One of Kirsch's greatest passions is teaching you the industry leading PCB design software easily so that you can finish your PCB design projects for work, school or business ventures. https://api.accredible.com/v1/frontend/credential_website_embed_image/badge/13615181

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  • Feedback & Knowledge Library

    Get feedback on your circuit designs and access to the Knowledge Library, where we upload instructional tips and tricks for specific design problems and questions.

  • Round the clock support

    If you have questions regarding a certain design, step, or features with the software, send a message, email or a start a discussion and I will get in touch with you to find a solution.

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