PSpice v17.2 for Analog Circuits

Avoid the PSpice simulation rollercoaster

PSpice netlist error. ORPSIM error, no part found in subcircuit…If you have worked with PSpice you know how frustrating it can be get a simulation to just work. After a lot of searching forums, watching YouTube videos and out-dated tutorials, you finally get the problem solved. You think to yourself “All that just to get a Bode plot?? Come on.” Well you won’t have to experience that rollercoaster again.
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  • OrCAD Capture

    Learn how to find and build simulation-enabled parts in OrCAD Capture for PSpice simulations

  • PSpice Simulations

    Learn to perform different types of simulation analyses for analog circuits and switch-mode power supplies (SMPS)

  • SPICE model integration

    Know how to import manufacturer SPICE models to your design for switch-mode power supplies and general devices

Course curriculum

  • 2

    dc Circuit Simulation

    • 2.01 - Section Overview
    • 2.02 - Files and Software Folders
    • 2.03 - Bias Point Simulation
    • 2.04 - Power Consumption
    • 2.05 - dc sweep
    • 2.06 - Parameter Sweep
    • 2.07 - Mini Project 1 (Wheatstone Bridge)
    • 2.08 - Project Assignment (Wheatstone Bridge)
    • 2.09 - Project Solution (Wheatstone Bridge)
    • 2.10 - Plotting and Measuring Signals
    • 2.11 - Transient Analysis _ Periodic Signals (VSIN)
    • 2.12 - Transient Analysis _ Periodic Signals (VPULSE - Square)
    • 2.13 - Transient Analysis _ Periodic Signals (VPULSE, Triangle)
    • 2.14 - Parametric Sweep
    • 2.15 - OpAmp (dc)
    • 2.16 - OpAmp (ac)
    • 2.17 - Project Overview (Op Amp Diff Circuit)
  • 3

    ac Circuit Simulation

    • 3.01 - Section Overview
    • 3.02 - Phase Shifts (RL, RC)
    • 3.03 - Switched Circuit Response (RL)
    • 3.04 - Time Constant, Step, Natural Response FREE PREVIEW
    • 3.05 - Project Overview (Bandpass Filter)
    • 3.06 - Project Assignment (Bandpass Filter)
    • 3.07 - Project Solution (1) - Place Parts
    • 3.08 - Project Solution (2) - Wiring and Simulation
    • 3.09 - Summary
  • 4

    SMPS Simulation

    • 4.01 - Section Overview
    • 4.02 - PSpice Compatible Parts
    • 4.03 - PSpice Modeling Apps
    • 4.04 - Autoconverge in PSpice
    • Boost Converter P1 - What is a SMPS?
    • Boost Converter Part 2 - Datasheet and Schematic
    • Boost Converter P3 - Import Reference Schematic Picture
    • Boost Converter P4 - Schematic
    • Boost Converter P5 - Wiring Schematic
    • Boost Converter P6 - Schematic Check
    • Boost Converter P7 - Design Rules Check (DRC)
    • Boost Converter P8 - Simulate FREE PREVIEW
    • 4.13 - Buck Converter (Ideal) (1)
    • 4.14 - Buck (Ideal) (2) Wiring
    • 4.15 - Buck (Ideal) (3) Simulation
    • 4.16 - PSpice Model Editor
    • 4.17 - Vendor SPICE model into Buck PSpice Simulation
    • 4.18 - Non-Ideal Voltage Source for a Buck Converter
    • 4.19 - Buck (Non-Ideal) (3) - Hierarchical Block Simulation
    • End of Course and Next Steps
  • 5

    Troubleshooting - ORPSIM ERRORS

    • ERROR(ORPSIM-15113) Model D1 used undefined

Kirsch will walk you through every step

Help from someone who learned from experience

This course was put together by an experienced OrCAD PSpice and Capture user. He will be on hand to guide you through the course and is available for office hour discussions, and via email/message for the duration of the course

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by Jose Antonio Cordova

Much better than reading a book

by Jose Antonio Cordova

"Simple and easy way to learn Pspice. Much better than reading a book"
by Randall G.

This is MUCH better!

by Randall G.

"Great match. I have used SPICE to solve heat transfer problems before ('80s), but the modeling was by card image. This is MUCH better! The hints and tips are a great addition."
by Victor Ferran

Kirsch is very clear in his explanations.

by Victor Ferran

"High Level course that was good for walking through enough topics to wet your appetite. Kirsch is very clear in his explanations. It was very helpful to watch someone that had years of experience walk through the exercises. So much more to learn, thanks Kirsch!"

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Kirsch Mackey


Kirsch Mackey

Kirsch is an electrical systems engineer and is a technical trainer certified in OrCAD Capture, PCB Editor and PSpice. He is also a Ph.D. student in electrical and electronics engineering specializing in control system design for power electronics and power systems. One of Kirsch's greatest passions is teaching you the industry leading PCB design software easily so that you can finish your PCB design projects for work, school or business ventures.

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